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I will make you proud old man.

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The Colors of Columbia

i didn’t came back just to see like 1/3 of my dash hating on messi

July 14

nowe-drakengard thank you! i had lots of fun indeed but i’m afraid i’ll have to leave tumblr for a while soon once again. i’ll be sure to set up a queue this time though! :D

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Video Game Challenge → [1/10] Pairings
✗ Lara Croft and Sam Nishimura

"I won’t leave without you."

                                                     I’M NOT JUST A THIEF

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i’m really sorry for the two weeks absence here, i spent most of the time with my younger cousin who came to visit me and we did some sight-seeing so there wasn’t much left for checking online stuff… plus there was still some uni related business to take care of so yeah. but hey, i’m back for now! :D

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mariden replied to your post: imitationlulu replied to your post: o…

naaah, she only says it when hawke is male. i’m pretty sure. sorry to be a downer. i wish i was wrong tho because i really want to romance cass… asap.

but… i only played female hawkes and i think i heard her saying that line in my game (i have one male hawke but i never finished act II with him)… i can be wrong though, i’ll have to check it!

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Video game meme: [2/7] video games - Skyrim

"What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

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