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I will make you proud old man.

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The Colors of Columbia

nowe-drakengard thank you! i had lots of fun indeed but i’m afraid i’ll have to leave tumblr for a while soon once again. i’ll be sure to set up a queue this time though! :D

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Video Game Challenge → [1/10] Pairings
✗ Lara Croft and Sam Nishimura

"I won’t leave without you."

                                                     I’M NOT JUST A THIEF

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i’m really sorry for the two weeks absence here, i spent most of the time with my younger cousin who came to visit me and we did some sight-seeing so there wasn’t much left for checking online stuff… plus there was still some uni related business to take care of so yeah. but hey, i’m back for now! :D

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mariden replied to your post: imitationlulu replied to your post: o…

naaah, she only says it when hawke is male. i’m pretty sure. sorry to be a downer. i wish i was wrong tho because i really want to romance cass… asap.

but… i only played female hawkes and i think i heard her saying that line in my game (i have one male hawke but i never finished act II with him)… i can be wrong though, i’ll have to check it!

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Video game meme: [2/7] video games - Skyrim

"What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

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imitationlulu replied to your post: okay so dorian is gay, sera is lesbian…

Same! I realllly want to romance Cassandra but then people started saying that she might be straight and I got really worried lol

i’d be really sad if she turns out straight! but in da2, when varric tells her about how hawke defeated arishok in the duel she comments about how ‘romantic’ it was, no matter if hawke was female or male and it’s probably just bioware being lazy fucks but it’s my beacon of hope for cassandra being bisexual uwu

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